Total Lawn Care

Lush Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance can help keep your lawn looking great!

Whether your grass needs mowing, fertilising or a total overhaul and re-turf we are here to help. We look after some of Noosa's most exclusive high end resorts, and we will apply the same level of care and high standards of quality to your lawn.

The services we provide depends on the state of your lawn, and pricing can be offered either per job, per treatment program or as part of the ongoing regular lawn mowing service.

We can organise to mow your lawn on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, as well as provide you with special offers.

Here are just a few examples of the work we carry out on a regular basis:

  • Rotary Mowing - great results at affordable prices.
  • Cylinder Mowing - for the ultimate show piece finish.
  • Ride on Mowing - you have the acres, we have the equipment and experties.
  • Applying Fertiliser - to ensure healthy grass and growth.
  • Top Dressing - to fill in minor hollows and build up an ideal soil layer.
  • Aerating - punching small holes into the lawn to enable air and water to penetrate the surface to ensure healthy grass growth.
  • Leaf Clearing - keeping grass free of debris.
  • Re-turfing - if your current lawn is worn out and tired it may be time to re-turf.

Why not give us a call on 0439 160 200 for a free quote?